Friday, June 5, 2009

Another day another funeral, and no I am not a mortician...

I am heading to another funeral today. If this keeps up people may stop being my friend. In 15 months I have been to 7 funerals that I can remember. I say this because for about 6 months after my mom's (May 08) whenever I went to one I just zoned out and mostly relived hers or pictured myself on a beach - drunk. Guess I was my coping. Anyway, I have known so many people to die lately its starting to make me... And I'm even talking about the ones that I don't really know but know their families or friends. I am counting these as well because I still feel bad for them. I am officially declaring that know one closely related through blood or friends (or Cyber space) can die for the rest of the year. And I can only hope that I don't come across one more blog of someone loosing a child because this I really cannot bare. The back story to that is, by total chance I came across a blog and then another of women who had just lost a child. Some horrible thing that I could not control took over me and I spent the next several days/weeks reading all their old post while simultaneously checking for updates. I cried for them, ached for them and don't even know them. I now feel like one of the women is my friend, being that I did have to send her an e-mail a time or two. I didn't mean to care so about a perfect stranger but it just happened. My heart still a little torn from the loss of my mom grieved for a stranger. I could write more on all this but alas I must leave for the next funeral.

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