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Shug and EB ran in the Turkey Trot early Thursday morning. It started at 7:45am and the temp was 45*. When I got up at 6am it was 71*. Crazy weather! Hen and I cheered from the sidelines, he couldn't run as he had been a bit under the weather the day before. That afternoon we headed to Shug's grandmother's house for lunch with all the family. I was glad to be with his family but also very sad to not be with mine. Thanksgiving was always a special tradition with my mom and that whole crew. After she died Sister and I worked to create a new tradition. We have enjoyed our new Thanksgiving ways for the last two years and I was sad to not get to do it this year as well. I recognize that going to Shug's grandmother's with his whole family was important and also ment a lot to his mother and grandmother. I am thankful that we are wanted at many places, loved by many. It's not such a bad problem to have. However, one of the things I am most thankful for in my life is Sister and I wanted to be with her. Friday morning I did a little shopping at Anthropoligie (love) then we headed to Sunset. I'm still here. This evening the

I only have a minute but I wanted to say that the Girls Weekend is about to start! I cannot believe the week has been so busy that I haven't even

Tonight I will be attending my first Love and Logic parenting class.

Today while I was at the beauty shop I got a text from Shug saying that our son (8 yrs) was getting a burr with his grandfather. I have let him get one for the past few summers. I didn't want to but I let him because he has wanted it and I respect that he should have a say so about his own hair. I have made it very clear to everyone (husband, grandparents, child) that I am not OK with a burr in the winter - I feel like only country bumpkins farm kids have burrs in the winter. Case in point: I have a dear friend from college who lives in a tiny tiny town in the middle of nowhere and her child (10 yrs) has always had a burr. When I say always I mean from the time he first grew hair. And the same goes for all the other little boys in that town. Now this next part might sound harsh to some people but I'm just being honest... Right now my precious little boy has Sponge Bob teeth. They stick way out, there is a huge gap, and the teeth look giant compared to the rest of his face. The giant part is really normal - when a child first gets their permanent teeth they look really large until their face grows into them. The gap and sticking out part is why braces were invented. All that being said, the burr combined with the teeth is not his best look. He looks so hillbilly. I love him no matter what he looks like, that goes without saying, I'm his momma. But make no mistake - my husband just got himself cut off.

Summer 2010
Sister and I took the kids on a Tour De Swimming Hole. It was 3 days and 3 holes. (Plus 1 drag race but thats another post) We chose all spring fed clear water spots.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby...
I stopped in to an estate sale and found this Admiral Console Stereo! It was in perfect condition so I bought it for Mr. Shug's birthday! I wanted to get it tuned up and after calling several yahoos that were way to young to know or care what I was talking about I found Bob. Bob (80yrs old) is giving it a tune up and says it will run like new when he's done. It sounded good already so this makes me very happy. I also want to say that after I got it into Bob's shop he preceded to crawl around on all fours really inspecting it, going on and on about how great it was! Did I mention that I only had to pay $68.00? I am so jazzed about this gift. When I first met Shug he was spinning records and he's about to spin again. We have a really nice collection between the two of us and my kids are about to get an education in old school!

How 40yr olds party:

This may or may not be me on something...

Spy Shops and Grandparents
I had some girls over for the weekend and kicked out Mr. Shug and the children. We made lots of amazing healthy foods, laughed our asses off, drank, smoked, bragged about how helathy the food was and what great care we were taking of our bodies, and then when the munchies kicked in we ate LOTS of cookie dough. On Saturday morning we had a garage sale. I had run an ad in the paper to boost sales. It said "....starts at 6AM. SUPER COOL SALE!" I knew when I was putting the 6AM part in that it was going to be total bullshit. We are never ready on time. At 5:30am we were dragging around the yard trying to get set up.

C needed to go to a spy shop and purchase equipment to find out if her house was being bugged. (Her husband who is a controlling nut told one of his friends he was bugging the place to see what she was up to. He is a complete ass hole and she needs to leave him but that story belongs on my other blog.) She didn't want to take her own car so she loaded up her grandparents who are in their 90's and took them and their car on a day long adventure. Not once during the entire trip did they ever ask where they were going or why. The shop was in another town about an hour away and C ended up drinving around the parking lot before figuring out where she was going and where she should park. She didn't want Mema and Pepa to know so she parked down the from the shop. She left the grandparents in the car and tried to be as casual as possible walking into the Spy Shop. When she went to the counter to talk to the guy about what she was looking for he told her "I saw you driving the parking lot for a while with those old people". This made me laugh my ass off!

Summer 2009
Last night my sister and I went to the Kid Rock/Lynard Skynard concert. We were invited by our cousins. The cousins live in a tiny, tiny town (pop. 210) and were coming to the BIG CITY for the concert. One cousin, A, ended up not being able to come because in-law is dieing so other cousin, L, brought a friend, G. G also grew up in the same tiny town and lives there still. So L and G might as well have riden up to the Super Cool Hotel on horses.

B On A Hunt
On Saturday Mr Shug, myself, B and a few other friends went to the Motocross X games. It was a huge event with a lot of people and more dirt than I knew could be brought into a place. I had no idea it was going to be such a big deal. The night started with a few drinks at Pearls. Mr. Shug says Pearls is like a scene from a David Lynch movie (think Wild At Heart) which is something I can never pass up. And it was! Everyone in the place, except for our crew, was wearing cowboy hats, boots and big shiny buckles! My friend B (Bertha - fake name used here to piss her off) is on a man hunt. It has been many years since I was hunting men or anything for that matter. Watching her in action is entertaining to say the least. The hunt went something like this: B shows up looking really cute with her blond hair, sleeves of tattoos (very beautiful and tasteful), red strappy shoes, and mile long legs. I need to back track for a minute and say that B recently got divorced, from singer of a band that tours a lot so when he is home he has the spawn and she plays (hard) and when he is away she is super mom. Back to the hunt: In the cab on the way out she was totally engaged in the conversation while simultaneously texting like a teenager. We started at pe

My Street (This was the begining of my first post ever)
West Magnolia Ave is my street, my community, my family, my fun. It is a place where my children feel safe and loved. A place where I get support to be a better wife, mother and friend. I call this place the WB's version of Desperate Housewives. There are so many great women on this street. They are smart, funny, supportive, mothering, front-yard happy hour kind of gals.