Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Vacation Detox

We are home from family vacation. I don't even know where to begin. I'm grateful that we were able to go on vacation, that everyone came home safe and well ("well" is debatable when considering my mental health), that the children got to enjoy the beach and that there was a bar right beside the pool. Now onto the good stuff. The not so grateful parts: every time I told the kids "no" my in laws told them "yes, if its OK with your mom" - which makes me always look like the killjoy, one family member only needs a couple of drinks to get drunk (thanks to weight loss surgery) and 3 to get shit faced and is a very paranoid drunk, sand in the sheets, and the BEST one of all......... a family member posted pictures of me in my swimsuit on Facebook. This part sent me over the edge and required Xanax to pull me back. Who does that? I would never ever put a picture of one of my friends (or family) in their SWIMSUIT on the Internet unless they asked me to. Hell even movie starts want their photos airbrushed before the world sees them! I am in serious Family Vacation Detox.