Friday, October 29, 2010

Being Hunted At Sleep Away Camp

The Ranch as I was driving up Saturday eveining.
 This past Saturday after the kids had finished their sports we dropped them off at Sister's and headed to the airport.  We caught a 45 minute flight south,  landed and drove 35 miles outside of town to a ranch.  It was a friends 40th birthday and several of us gathered to celebrate.  The ranch is large (most things are in South Texas), there were mules to drive (think golf cart with bad ass engine and souped up tires), a million rocking chairs around a big fire pit, outdoor kitchen and two bunkhouses.  This is the fun part - the girls stayed in one bunkhouse and the boys in another! It was fantastic. There was also a band.  Most of the guys, except the band, had been there before and it was the first time for the women.  After much food and drinks, and maybe some unmentionables, we loaded up in the mules and truck and headed out for a little hide and seek and buzzed driving. Apparently, this is what the guys do all the time when they are there.  One or two vehicles drive off and hide while the others count to 1000, or wait about 5-10 minutes, then the seeking begins.  It was so much fun.  Pitch dark with nothing around for miles, very quiet (except for random drunk "wahoos"), and the feeling of being hunted.  I'm afraid reading this it might not sound as exciting as it was, but the feeling of hiding in the dark, buzzed, wondering if someone is going to find you is very exhilarating. I mean, I'm sure it wouldn't be great if you were a criminal, or being hunted by a boogie man, but these were pretty cute boys that are really funny and know how to party.  The perfect combination.  Later, back around the fire, the band played, drunk people sang along, there was some dancing, and lots of happiness going around.  Shug has been friends with these guys since 1989 when he was a freshmen in college.  I love that they are still hanging out having a good time - and I'm especially glad that they have all grown up to be respectable, successful men that still know how to party and play hide and seek and have a good time!  Also, I did learn a few things that I plan to incorporate into my next girls weekend... hide and seek hunting.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Discrimination at the Fun Park

Sister and I took the children to Six Flags today. It was Fright Fest which means it was decorated for Halloween and there were ghouls walking around. The kids couldn't have been more jazzed.  We had been on a few rides, the swings, the big boat thing that swings back and forth, just working the kids up to the roller coasters.  We picked the Run Away Mine Train as the first one to take the kids on.  We love this one, we rode it when we were kids. We stood in line, got the kids all settled in to their seats, got ourselves settled in and were ready to go.  And then it happened.  Two teenagers came up and informed us that unless Sister took her hat off she would have to get off the ride.  It is VERY obvious that she has no hair.  We kindly explained that she had no hair and would not be comfortable with her hat off (note that there are lots of people all waiting to ride and watching this) and that she would hold it on during the ride.  They said NO and explained that people were always loosing their hats on the rides so now they just made people take them off because they couldn't be responsible for all the lost hats, it was policy.  Of course we said that they would not be responsible if she lost her hat and to PLEASE let her ride and that our children were on and we wanted to be with them. They said NO.  So she and I got off and the roller coaster rolled. Our children loved it but we didn't get to see them loving it or hear them screaming and laughing.  People ride with wigs all the time. She could have worn a wig but then her head would have sweated all day. It sucks and I'm still pissed.  We didn't go and complain to management for a few reasons.  It was on the other side of the park, the kids were so excited to ride more rides not sit in an office while we complained, the park wasn't open that much longer and I think we were just so pissed it would have been a scene.  We did get to ride one coaster, all of us together, after we pretty much let the boys running it know that we were getting on with our kids and that that was the end of the discussion.  After that we stopped gripping about it and showed our kids the best time we could! We laughed a lot, rode non roller coaster rides, ate some junk and enjoyed our time together. 

But I'm not through being pissed at Six Flags.  We have season passes and plan on going a lot now that its cooled down and Sister (and the rest of us) won't have a heat stroke. She shouldn't have to wear a wig just so she can ride the coasters - which would probably fly off anyway!. If it was some type of safety hazard then I could understand, but these are not big loop ta loop upside down coasters. We are talking about 40 year old rides that are suitable for 7 year olds. I want to send an email to management and I want them to say that she can ride on any ride and doesn't have to do it bald. I want them to know that she would love to have hair whipping in the wind on a roller coaster. But she has a flowery hat instead.

Six Flags - You Suck (sometimes)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Portion Control

In an effort to trim down the size of my ass I have decided to scale back on my Starbucks. This drink did nothing for me.  Actually, it did do something for me, it left me wanting more. This is about the perfect size to give your child when  they are really tired and you need them to be "on".   Not that I would ever do anything like that.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Family

This is the place we call Sunset.  My in laws bought it for weekends and we go when we can. Usually there are 8 of us on any given weekend. It's quiet and beautiful. We are free to wake early, sleep in, take naps, hike, swim or play. The only rule at Sunset is that Happy Hour starts at 5:00. The family is serious about this (I so married into the right family!). The children adhere to this ritual as well - the seasons dictate their drinks: cool drinks for warm months and hot chocolate for the cooler ones.  I love that my in laws do this, and that they have given us all such a beautiful place.  This past summer my FIL and Shug put up permanent polls to hang a volleyball/badminton net from.  That was when we discovered that Badminton is the perfect drinkers sport.  One can play badminton with a wine glass in hand or any drink for that matter and it wont spill.  I love that!!! 
Pictured from left to right are:  Shug, HO (my boy), GG (MIL), SIL (who is pregnant!), EB (my girl), and Papa (FIL). Not pictured are me (picture taker) and BIL