Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Girls Weekend

It's time for the Spring Girls Weekend.  This time we will be be staying in a hotel in a town with some really great shopping.  We will be shopping and hosting our on SGW Olympics.  What follows are group text messages regarding our planning of the trip.
M- 16 days Ladies, and I use the word ladies loosely.
D- D- Why? Am I a loose lady?
D - 14 days!
C- Fuck, 14?
R- This couldn't come at a better time
D - 10 days
D- 6 days!!!
R- This weekend really couldn't come at a better time, I need the break in a bad kind of way!
M- Hello Ladies! We leave in a mere 4 days so I'm giving out some info. The hotel has free breakfest and I'm bringing gatorade. It has a hot tub for C (if ya know what I mean), extended cable with pay per view porn which should make  D really happy, and a padded room for when R gets way to fucked up and starts talking like her baby!
D- Food and porn. Hell ya!
M- #1. Bring know why. #2. Reply with what all you are bringing so we can plan accordingly.
 #3. Come prepared to fuck shit up.
C- I'm bringing wine, chips, crackers, and the want to. Want to have a fucking good time!!!
R- I've got #3 covered
D- Shiner, Wine, reeses, Attitude and Moxy.
M- Well fuck ya!
R- Yall want me to make the Oatmeal Odyssey cookies?
M- Bring on the Odyssey because I'm bringing a trip :)  All in the name of love for the coolest bitches I know!
R- Oh hell yes! It's on! I'm so freaking useless today. I can't focus on anything but getting out of town!
D- I've already started the party.
C- I'm on my way now!!!
D- I'm close to your house!
M- Get here!!!
We will be on the road in about 12 hours.  Spring Girls Weekend is the Antidote for all things that suck!