Thursday, April 21, 2011

Text Message PSA

We took a family trip and caravaned with two other families. It was an easy four hour trip that took us about 5 1/2 hrs. Sometimes we would text the other cars to see where they were. At one point I was driving and Shug had my phone. One mom sent me this funny text that she was drinking (a joke). Shug took it upon himself to respond on my behalf- another joke. It was at this point that her child (age 8) was playing on her phone and read the text out loud when it came through. Yikes!

So what I'm picturing is her son not getting his work done in class and his teacher asks him what the problem is- he answers " I'm  just baked and horny"  because he's tired and mad.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prisoners & Disney World

Sister and I (and husbands) are taking the kids to Disney World in June! We bought the trip in January and have been waiting until it got closer to tell them.  I had this great idea that we would blindfold them and all of us put on Mickey mouse shirts for the big reveal.  The reason I wanted us to wear Disney shirts is because I thought it would be really funny to see Shug and my brother in law in them.  I was so right - this is two guys who would never wear a shirt with Mickey on it.  Anyway, I couldn't find blindfolds so I grabbed pillowcases. The kids put them on, we all put on our dorky Mickey shirts then we told the kids to take off their blindfolds and guess where we were going the day after school got out.  They went crazy screaming, jumping into daddy's arms, jumping on his back, screaming Disney stuff.  Of course,  as sweet as all that was, I was thinking about bad it would suck if they threw his back out and I had to do 7 days at Disney without his help him.   Aside from that thought,  it was so fun to see their joy..  As soon as Sister and I watched the video we realized the kids look like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  So much for Disney wanting to use our video in one of their commercials. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wren Coralie

My niece was born tonight. She is healthy and beautiful. Less than an hour old when I took this picture.
It looks like she's trying to tell me something. I've been loving her long before tonight - my love runneth over!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Organizing and Pretty Mormon Bloggers

I am down to 24 days left to clean out and organize my home.  Last week went pretty good.  My closet took 2 1/2 days, 3 garbage bags of trash, 2 garbage bags of donations and 4  Space Bags. I am a crazy fan of the Space Bag - they are exactly like the commercial, holding tons of crap stuff.  I put my winter clothes in one, some clothes of my mom's that I wanted to keep forever in one, another with old concert tee shirts and the last jumbo bag is holding all the clothes that don't fit me right now.  I hate to even admit that.  I know they will fit when I drop this last 10 pounds and every time I look in my (almost empty) closet I'm  reminded  that I better stop eating. As for the rest of the week, well, I got caught up in a few other family projects.  I'm back on track as of today and the area is my dresser and night stands.  They look terrible but by tomorrow they will look great.  Pictures to come!

Pretty Mormon Bloggers
I love reading blogs.  I click on random blogs from blog rolls, looking in at others lives.  And I have stumbled upon an interesting connection - There are a lot of pretty Mormon bloggers.  Their clothes are always cute and pressed, their hair fixed, their homes decorated well - they look so put together.  And I can't leave out stylish.  I hate to admit this but I had a really different Mormon picture in my mind. And no it wasn't all long skirts and long hair with big puffy bangs and no makeup.  It was just conservative and maybe a bit pain, okay okay,  boring, I thought anyone who never gets coffee or cokes must be boring! And I was wrong, really wrong.  There is a disproportionate number of pretty Mormon bloggers.  What is up with that?
And, I want to say, for the record,  that while I am positive that my current followers that blog aren't Mormon they are pretty too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For the Next 30 Days...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon, the I'm going to __________ for thirty days and write about it bandwagon. Some are really inspirational. I just saw a woman on the news who works at Goodwill and is going to be wearing goodwill clothes for the next month - well I already did that. It was the 80's and I thought I was alternative and cool. I wanted to wear black all the time (I still do, but now it's because I want to look thinner), and cheap vintage stuff was the way to go.  Kind of like the whole Pretty In Pink thing only not so pink, or pretty for that matter.  It was probably a little bit about pissing my mother off too. 

I decided mine will be cleaning out and organizing a different space in my home everyday for the next thirty days.  I'm going to document it in pictures.  I've been saying that I was going to get it all organized for about the last 4 years.  I'm hoping that putting out there for everyone to see (all 3 of you) will keep me on tract.  Kind of shame me into following through - we'll see. So here's the list of what I'm going to be cleaning out - in no specific order.
1. My closet     2. Shug's closet     3. Laundry room     5. Kitchen cabinets     6. Coat closet    

7. Built in bookcases     8. Kitchen drawers    9. Pantry     10. Media cabinet    11.  Wooden chest

12. Window seat    13. Craft closet   14. Under my bed   15. My room   18. Entry way and entry baskets

19.  Guest room   20. Ella's closet   21. Henry's closet   22.

I'm stopping at 21 because I'm pretty sure that some of the projects are going to take me more than one day.  I'm going to work on the projects while the kids are at school. That gives me about 5 solid hours of work.  I'll post before and after pictures.  I started yesterday with my closet.  I didn't take a picture at the very beginning because I forgot, but I did get a couple of during. I'm about to finish the shelves and then start on Shug's closet.  I could really use an 8 ball but it's 2011 not the early 90's.  On that note I'm going to grab some really strong coffee and get to it.  Pictures to come!