Friday, December 16, 2011

Follow Up To Mud Wrap ~

I survived the mud wrap and the detoxifying wrap.  I didn't loose 20 pounds, I didn't have glowing skin and I sure didn't feel detoxified.  Loosing 20 pounds wasn't part of the claims but I was hoping to be a little lighter.  I showered twice during the whole process so I for sure was clean when it was all said in done.

I can sum the whole experience up by saying that the next time I lay nude, on a table covered in plastic, under very bright lights, it better be for an autopsy.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mud Wraps Musings~

I'm getting a mud wrap and a firmness wrap.  Unfortunately I can't even tell you what this means.  I got the package when I was on about day two of a really bad diet last January. Bad as in I was only getting to eat enough food to sustain a baby squid so I didn't have a lot of brain power working.  The diet was a power fail but now I have to use this package before it expires. So I send the "wrapper lady" a message asking what I need to wear and  what I need to do to get ready.  She responds with one line "Just wear something comfortable and be ready to relax." ???? Really? That's all the prep info I get?  Surely she doesn't' mean for me to show up in an old tee-shirt of Shug's with no underwear on - because that is my "comfortable and ready to relax" look.  I HATE not having a ton of info before something like this.  I like things spelled out for me.  Should I have shaved? Will I be naked? Mud over the clothes sounds awful so I must be getting undressed but now I'm obsessing over the undergarment part.  Bra or no bra? It's to much stress just getting ready.  I'm going to need a xanex for sure. Maybe a shot too.  I told my friend Beth I was hoping to loose 30 pounds during the wrap and she suggested if it worked we should do one every day until we reach our target weight.  I wish!
More to come...