Monday, October 24, 2011

Long Time No Blog...

I can't believe I haven't blogged since August.  I would like to believe that anyway, but I have been flighty in the past so it's probably no big surprise.  I'm back now so I'll pick up where I left off.

School is still sucking for my 6th grader but the good news is she is the next kid on the waiting list for a really great school.  It's a private school that I really believe is a great fit for her.  I have always been a huge supporter of the public school system - but as things stand I can't wait to get out of it.  60 kids in one class, 40 in honors science, it's just to many.  Her smallest class is honors English and she has 33, which is still to crowded.  Over 600 6th graders crammed into a historic Elementary building is over the top.  They are the only grade in the building but I'm pretty sure back a million years ago when it was built it was meant for more like 200 kids.  So now we wait for a spot to open.  That means somebody needs to move, or get divorced or get kicked out - something!  I am to afraid of the karma that my wishing any of these things on a family might bring so I am hoping and praying some family gets a great promotion that they can't pass up and have to move away for - and then my child gets their spot!   As far as the public school crisis goes... if anyone out there thinks that Rick P would be a good choice for president please email and I can give a long list of reasons why he would SUCK at it.  I am living in his state, and he has done nothing for our public schools.  Plus he's just a complete clown.  I feel pretty certain that the four people who actually read this blog are way to smart to vote for that nutcase!

We have been in the throws of remodeling our 90+ year old home for the last 9 weeks and it's been a mix of greatness and hell.  I love that the popcorn ceilings are gone and that everything has been repainted - I HATE the dust that it created.  I love that the old original bathroom has been remodeled and is beautiful but I can't believe how much crack I've had to see everytime I peaked in to see the workers progress.  I can't imagine for the life of me why men don't care that their crack shows.  One of the workers was so in love with my dog and I caught him sitting indian style criss cross applesauce on the floor petting Pablo about a million times.  Which is really sweet that he liked the dog but every time I walked up on that scene I had to see his crack and think about the fact that he should be rubbing grout on the shower walls not rubbing my dog! Tomorrow the final phase of the bathroom will be finished, a lady will be here hanging wall paper and then I will post before and after pictures!  You may be thinking "wallpaper?" but this is not your grandmothers wall paper - it's a really large print and groovy and beautiful.  I kept the original floors in the bathroom which are these very small tiles that all these houses have in them.  Some of them are chipped and a few are missing but I refused to change the floor.  I updated everything else, subway tiles a third of the way up the walls, the tub torn out and tiled into a big shower, new sink and toilet, and tomorrow wallpaper - but the sweet old original floors remain. I think between the floors and the wallpaper I nailed it. I did have them preserve the floor under the shower where the rest of the tiled floor is so if someday someone else owns this house and they want to put in a claw foot tub they can rip out my shower, and under they will find the old tiles protected by wood and some kind of rubber stuff.

I've fallen behind on reading a few blogs that I really enjoy so I'm going to catch up and see whats been going on in their lives and leave comments and show them some love.

I'll leave you with a picture of the dog loving worker - cutting tiles with no crack showing. Your welcome.
Have a great day!