Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Magnolia Garden

I'm trying to start a community garden at the end of my street! It sounds like a great idea, it is a great idea... I just can't get people motivated. I live with tree huggers, earth lovers, hippie mamas and the sort all around me but it seems people are busy. I want to go to the garden and be amazed by the bounty and beauty. It is true that last year I tried this same thing and got a good amount of support but the garden was a bust! This year I am learning from last years mistakes and have made some big changes. Maybe people are stuck on the fact that last year we worked really hard and got about 4 peppers, 2 cucumbers, a couple tomatos and thats about it. Well, the soil sucked and too many other things to mention. This year is better, raised beds, organic mushroom pro mix, rain barrell and knowladge from last year!