Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fabulous Weekend Trips & Shame-overs

Shug and I spent a wonderful weekend in Laguna Beach at the Montage.  It was my first trip to SoCal (see how cool I am, I already picked up the lingo).  The hotel was amazing.  I'm pretty sure their goal is to make every guest feel like a princess - and they more than succeeded.  It was beautiful and swanky... and even then I still managed to wake up on sunday with a shame-over.  Shug thought I had a hangover, the way I just laid there groaning with a pillow over my head, and I wish thats all it was.  We'd spent the day before having three perfect meals all accompanied by perfect drinks.  That would have been enough itself,  but more got the better of us, so we spent time on the beach, laying on a blanket, watching dolphins play in the ocean while sipping on drinks, and we strolled around town looking at cute shops and stopping in an oceanside bar or two to contribute to the local economy and sip a few drinks.  And by the end of the night I was saying how amazing this place was and how I didn't even need a passport to get here!  And Shug said that I said Are you kidding? about 150 times.  And I may have even talked about when I write my second novel and it's a huge hit...  but the thing is I haven't written my first novel yet.  So yea, I woke up with a major shame-over,  bitching about the evils of alcohol.
It was still a perfect weekend, as I was able to shake that dumbass shame-over feeling after a day (or two) and Shug still thinks I'm a damn good catch.

Five minutes after we got in the room ~

That's me a beachy (I know it's not a word) and boozy ~
There was a note in the room letting us know what time the sunset would be each evening we were there!

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