Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cowboy Casual ~

~ Outfit #1 that didn't make the cut ~

Shug had an awards banquet last Friday and I had the perfect outfit picked out.  I had known exactly what I was wearing for 3 weeks, which is huge deal.  I was going to be meeting his partners who live in another city, and I wanted to look really beautiful and hot make a good impression. Then on Friday morning while we were eating breakfast with the kids we had this conversation:

So, What are you wearing tonight?

I don't know, I guess jeans and boots. What about you?

Boots and jeans??? Why would you wear boots and jeans? Your not even a cowboy.

It's Cowboy Casual.  I told you that, or at least I though I told you. 

Kids guess what, you get to finish your breakfast in the living room watching cartoons! (kids run to the living rom)  COWBOY CASUAL??? Hell no you didn't tell me that.  Why does it have to have a theme? We're grownups.  It's like a damn costume party.

It's not that big a deal.  Just wear some jeans and that white pearl button shirt you have, that's perfect.

I can't believe this.  I'm just now finding out.  That only gives me 7 hours to figure out what I'm wearing.  What if I hadn't asked then I showed up in my Jackie O dress and everyone else was cowboy.  I'm probably going to need a xanax.

Are you going to drink to much tonight and then try to say someone slipped you a mickey like you did at that other work party?

Someone did slip me a mickey.

Heres the deal - If I was a size 6-8 maybe it wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm a 14.  And you don't just walk into any old store and pick up a kick ass Cowboy Casual outfit when your a 14.   It takes work to find a great outfit, and I hate the idea of dressing for a theme when it's not Halloween.

I dug around in my closet like a crazy person and dug out a few options.  I kept sending Shug pictures showing him what I might wear.  All while laughing my head off, which was wither because I thought I was funny or because I may have lost my mind a bit.  In the end I went to the Gap and found a white western cut shirt to wear with jeans and my Fry boots - and I felt like a dick until I got a little liquored up.

#2 Bewitched Cowgirl- didn't make the cut
#3 - Another no go

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