Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012

The kids just finished spring break, and so did I, even though I'm not really breaking form anything.  We spent a little time in Austin, San Marcos and home.

 I took the kids to Six Flags.  I was crazy enough to think that lots of parents still had to work so surely it couldn't be that crowded... I don't know what happens to my brain, but clearly it wasn't working when I had this thought.  I did think the kids were going to think I was the BEST MOM ever for taking them, and on the drive over I told them we could stay as long as they wanted - even if that meant until closing time.  You would think that I was drunk when I was telling them all this but I wasn't, it was like I was possessed or something.  We got there and it was SO CROWDED.   The weather was great and so was the time spent with the kids, but, the lines were crazy long,  there were about a million teenagers wearing way to much eyeliner making out with their boyfriends, and I couldn't find "healthy vegetarian food" for my 12 yr old to save my life (whose kids is she anyway?).  I did use her as a decoy so I could take pictures of weirdos.  And this might just be my new favorite past time!
What in the hell is this dude doing at 6 flags?


Anonymous said...

I think he's a secret agent.

Mec said...

Hi MommaExpat -
Is your blog up and running on Wordpress yet. If so I wasn't directed to it. Just checking so I can follow!

M said...

Hahaha! I love this idea. This is hilarious.