Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prisoners & Disney World

Sister and I (and husbands) are taking the kids to Disney World in June! We bought the trip in January and have been waiting until it got closer to tell them.  I had this great idea that we would blindfold them and all of us put on Mickey mouse shirts for the big reveal.  The reason I wanted us to wear Disney shirts is because I thought it would be really funny to see Shug and my brother in law in them.  I was so right - this is two guys who would never wear a shirt with Mickey on it.  Anyway, I couldn't find blindfolds so I grabbed pillowcases. The kids put them on, we all put on our dorky Mickey shirts then we told the kids to take off their blindfolds and guess where we were going the day after school got out.  They went crazy screaming, jumping into daddy's arms, jumping on his back, screaming Disney stuff.  Of course,  as sweet as all that was, I was thinking about bad it would suck if they threw his back out and I had to do 7 days at Disney without his help him.   Aside from that thought,  it was so fun to see their joy..  As soon as Sister and I watched the video we realized the kids look like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  So much for Disney wanting to use our video in one of their commercials. 

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M said...

hahahahahaha, omg, this made my day!!!!!