Thursday, December 9, 2010


What I Am Celebrating:
  • A year without cigarettes.   I feel like a total badass! I am amazed and proud and, it seems, a bit boastful!

What I Am Not Celebrating:
  • My ass has gotten bigger, my jeans a bit tighter and my face just a tad rounder.  Dammit. 
I had my Well Woman visit today. My doctor was so proud of me for quiting smoking and then gave me a talk about the weight I had gained.  She didn't go for my suggestion of taking up the smoking again to get the weight off.  Hmmmmm...  I then told her I was open to any suggestions she might have other than surgery, working out or cutting back on my intake.  Her response - "Hope you like tight jeans."  What I like is a doctor with quick wit and a bit of sass. 

I also had my mammogram and the last time someone squeezed my boobs that hard I was 15.  I do have to say that it was as good an experience as a mammogram could be.  I'm now in the age category of women who needs to have one a year. 

I'm thinking about adding a section to my blog for all the post that never got published - I have so many that I never finished, or I thought sounded to lame to post, or I got nervous someone I knew would read it, or for whatever crazy reason I more or less chickened out of publishing them.  Maybe I'll call it the chicken files...


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M said...

congrats on the year without a cigarette!

the hardest part for me was long car rides. i don't have many of them anymore, thankfully!