Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Big Weekend

I had a very large weekend.  I think I'm about back to normal but yesterday was devoted to detox and recovery.  My play by play:

Heading to taco bar!
9: am - Off to Randall's house for Girls Day and Night
                We (the usual girls weekend girls) started with Mimosas and Randall's house then headed to Ikea.  Because most good women need a drink for tackling that place.  After some serious but speedy shopping we headed home.  2:30 We hit the backyard and relaxed with drinks, music and some oh so special baked goods.  My main drink for the afternoon was Pink Panties -  this is a really fun drink to be making because you can keep asking your friends if they want to try your pink panties! Pink Panties ~ vodka, soda and a splash of cranberry = yum 5:30 Left house in cab for delish local taco  & tequila bar 8:00 back in backyard for some more fun  9:00 I say "Oh my god, what time is it?" It felt so late!  We were all in bed by 11:30 -

Dallas Cowboys game
Sunday 7: am Woke up, showered and headed to my house.  8:45 left for a pre game gathering for the Dallas Cowboys Game.  11:00 Arrived at Suite @ Cowboy Stadium.  Ate, drank and watched the game.  Super fun.  And they won which is a miracle in itself.  5:00 Left game and headed home. 

Sunday Evening 6:30 Walked across the street and got in a 15 passenger van that our friends had rented and went to hear Roger Waters perform The Wall Live.  12:30 Back Home -  laughing, and rummaging around the kitchen.  It was a really good night.
The Wall Live 11-2010

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