Monday, October 4, 2010

The Family

This is the place we call Sunset.  My in laws bought it for weekends and we go when we can. Usually there are 8 of us on any given weekend. It's quiet and beautiful. We are free to wake early, sleep in, take naps, hike, swim or play. The only rule at Sunset is that Happy Hour starts at 5:00. The family is serious about this (I so married into the right family!). The children adhere to this ritual as well - the seasons dictate their drinks: cool drinks for warm months and hot chocolate for the cooler ones.  I love that my in laws do this, and that they have given us all such a beautiful place.  This past summer my FIL and Shug put up permanent polls to hang a volleyball/badminton net from.  That was when we discovered that Badminton is the perfect drinkers sport.  One can play badminton with a wine glass in hand or any drink for that matter and it wont spill.  I love that!!! 
Pictured from left to right are:  Shug, HO (my boy), GG (MIL), SIL (who is pregnant!), EB (my girl), and Papa (FIL). Not pictured are me (picture taker) and BIL

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