Friday, May 22, 2009

How Pablo saves my diet!

Pablo (our dog) just ate an entire plate of brownies off the kitchen counter. These weren't just any brownies, they had been made by some sweet old lady and were homemade. They were funeral food. By this I mean that my grandmother passed away and all these wonderful ladies had made us lots of food, for which we were so thankful. Anyway, I was putting the kids to bed and Mr. Shug yelled upstairs "Pablo just ate all the brownies". His voice sounded dismayed which only pissed me off because we all have learned by now that if you leave anything on the counter the dog will eat it. He is a "counter surfer". The kids know this, I know this, the neighbors know this, but somehow Mr. Shug does not??? I was fuming, not only did the dog cost way too much money and could now possibly die from chocolate poisoning but the kids had just heard him yell it and were freaking out about not having the brownies to eat. Diarrhea, vomit, possible death, upset kids wide awake, so much for having a relaxing evening. On the bright side - the whole plate of brownies will look so much better on his ass than mine! My diet is still on track thanks to the dog.

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