Thursday, April 5, 2012

Saying OKAY is always OKAY

I read somewhere once that the best answer you can give in a marriage is "okay".  I have come to believe that this is so true. More than true, it should be added to the Bible or something.  No matter what Shug says, if I say okay, then everything is perfect.  Examples -  with my actual thought in parenthesis:

Hey babe,  I think the best way to make the chicken would be if you added more bla bla bla, and then roasted it with vegetables.

Okay  (Well look at me, I'm married to a chef. And since when did you know shit about roasting?)

Hey babe,  the cleaners is shrinking all the necks of my dress shirts. We should find a new cleaners.

Okay.  (Shug, necks of men's dress shirts don't just start shrinking after months at the cleaners, but months of beer and Mexican food after work at the "branch office" will make you weigh more which in turn makes your shirts tight around the neck)

Mec, can you believe how great that girl was on the Baylor team? She's an amazing player, I can't even believe she shoots like that.  And her height, I mean wow!


This list of conversations could go on, but I know you get my point.  It's just so much easier to say okay and be done with it.  It prevents a lot of conversations from going any further than they should.

I love Shug, and this is just one small way I show my love, okay?

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M said...

I think this is excellent. I'm going to implement this.