Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PMS, Xanex & Choconex

As I've gotten older my PMS has gotten worse.  How many times am I going to say that on this blog? Recently it was at an all time high.  It was at the level of My husbands chewing is driving me f*%king crazy, which is very bad.  I prefer it to not get any higher than I hate my furniture, it's all ugly and I decorate like shit. In an ideal world it would never get worse than I'm bloated.  This time when it was at it's worst I had to medicate with Xanex and Choconex. For you armatures out there Choconex is chocolate used as a medication, as in medicinal chocolate.  The fact that I prescribe it to myself makes it no less official. When I want to rip someones head off because of  PMS sometimes all it takes to bring me down from the ledge is good  Choconex.

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