Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello 2011!

I would have written sooner but my laptop had a bad virus.  Shug woke me up really early on the eve of the new year to tell me there was a very serious and scary message flashing across the screen and everything was locked up.  He was also looking for his wallet because there was a message that said his "family, home, secretary and bank accounts could be in grave danger" and he could give them his credit card number and they would clean the virus off.  And I guess save us all.  I saved us all by screaming "don't dare put your credit card number in there - are you crazy?".  I asked him what website he was on when the virus hit and the conversation went something like this
Me "What were you on when it happened?"
Him "mumble mumble mumble"
Me "What?"
Him "mumble mumble mumble"
Me "What Shug?" At this point I was pretty sure I knew where he was but just for fun I wanted him to say it out loud.
Him "Somewhere bad"
Me "No shit - It put a virus on our computer!" I was having a great time by now!!!
Him "It was really bad babe.  If it can't get fixed we'll get ya that Mac Book you've been wanting"
Me "Porn at 5 am?"  I was laughing my ass off inside and very happy!

See, the thing is, Shug nailed it. I've really been wanting a new computer for a while now, but I just couldn't justify buying one when my old one was working fine. And now it was like I'd hit the jackpot. 
I told him not to worry about it, that everything was backed up and maybe I could get the virus off.  Then I spent the next 20 minutes staring at the screen and randomly tapping keys working to remove the nasty virus.  I yelled to the other room that I thought it might be one of those kind that never comes off.  A few minutes later he came into let me know that his IT guy from work was going to take a look at it.  DAMNIT! Long story short the damn IT guy fixed it.  And he put a better virus blocker on so back to safely surfing porn sites.

Happy New Year!

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Beanie said...

I bought and installed Net Nanny on my laptop because Mr. T refused to use his own for his Big Boy time.

It was more as a joke, but lo and behold, I've been virus free for months.

When I did it he said, you better not blog about this. :)