Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drug Pusher Posing as Father in Law

This post was originally written in January but just now getting posted. 

I quit smoking.  I picked what might be the shitiest time of year to quit, wait maybe the aniversary of my mom's death might be a worse time but that would be it.  So hear I am on a another fab family vacation with all the in laws and I am now a non smoker. Let me sum up this vacation.  My MIL gets drunk off 2 glasses of wine 3X a day (remember the gastric bypass), BIL still doesn't talk and I'm still not believing that "he's so shy" bullshit, SIL is pretty cool this trip and promises not to post ugly picts of me on FB, and for the grand finalle...my FIL continues to try to force offer me lit cigaretts whenever no one is around while saying shit like "come on, no one will know", and "I won't tell anyone I swear". What the hell? He's like the worst drug pusher ever because he's wearing a grandfather costume.

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