Thursday, August 6, 2009

13 Weeks to 40

I am turning 40 in 13 weeks and leaving for a long vacation in Jamaica in 14 wks. I am now officially in freak out mode. I am meeting with a personal trainer 3x a week, eating healthy and trying wanting to quit smoking. I know, I know, the whole smoking thing is so 89', stinky, stupid, and bad for me, I know this - that's why I'm wanting to quit. Anyway, I'm wanting to roll into 40 in the best shape of my life. Healthy, strong, and looking so good other girls call me Bitch behind my back. I understand this may sound vain, it is. And I don't give a shit.

I have come through the first 40 with lots of my brain cells intact, a group of amazing girlfriends, a cool house on an even cooler street, a husband that I love, 2 really funny & happy kids, and a reputation that I am proud of. And my hope for the next 40 is more of the same plus a body that is HOT. My trainer says if I do what he says I will get to that place. I'm thinking of posting a before and after picture. That does feel a little cheesy. What the hell, I love before and afters so I probably will. I will feel like such an asshole if I look the same in 14 wks because I screwed around and ate like a horse. OK, that may be just the motivation I need.

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